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Caliber Services

About Us

Caliber Industrial Supply Co. Ltd. was founded in 1974 as a Limited Company distributing shop supplies to the metalworking industry. In the mid to
late 1980's, the Company focused on
a strategy of specializing in the sale
of “spindle on down” tooling. The
type of industry now served includes automotive parts manufacturers,
aircraft parts mfg., tool and die makers, mold makers, general machine shops and the heat exchanger/petrochemical industry.

The Company is engaged in the distribution and resale of tools and related equipment to the above mentioned markets. The current product range includes carbide inserts and indexable tooling, solid carbide rotary tools including endmills, drills and burrs. We also include HSS tooling, including endmills, countersinks and toolbits in our product mix. A full range of vitrified abrasives, coolants and bandsaws is also offered. Caliber also has a long tradition of supplying specialty tooling for the manufacturing and maintenance of boilers/heat exchangers for the chemical and petrochemical industries across Canada. Measuring tools and DRO systems fill out our offering.

About Our Quality Management System

Caliber developed and implemented a Quality Management System to better satisfy the needs of its customers and to improve management of the company. The quality system complies with the international standards ISO 9001 (2008). The system covers the warehousing, sales and distribution of the company's products.

Our Location

                                      Caliber Industrial Supply
                                      5500 Tomken Rd, Unit #2,
                                      Mississauga, ON
                                      L4W 2Z4
                                      Canada         Location Map